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Derived from the natural botanical insecticides found in chrysanthemums, permethrin is an odorless, semi-synthetic insecticide that eliminates nuisance and disease carrying insects including Mosquitos, Ticks, Fleas, Asian Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, Fungus Gnats, Lawn Ants and more.

  • Kills pests on contact, and also acts as a repellant.
  • Non-toxic to humans, birds and animals.
  • FDA-approved ingredient found in lice removal products and in mosquito and tick repellent clothing.
  • Applied directly to animals like dogs, horses, cows, etc. to protect them from diseases associated with mosquitos and ticks.
  • Used on farm crops, in gardens and green houses.

Neighboring mosquitoes flying into your yard face certain doom

The NJ Mosquito Patrol permethrin treatment remains effective around the clock 24/7 for up to 14 days. It kills mosquito and annoying pest that enters the invisible wall of protection around your yard, as soon as they come in contact with the treated vegetation. Even if it rains, the permethrin will not wash away, but is momentarily masked. However, it is fully restored to its original Mosquito/Tick killing power after the rain dries. Imagine up to 14 days of freedom to celebrate, play and relax outdoors this summer, day and night without worry and hassle from mosquitos and without the need to apply a topical skin repellent. Now that’s total freedom.

While the permethrin treatment lasts up to 14 days, it naturally wears away and new mosquitoes will start to appear although at a smaller level. However, consistent treatments with one of NJ Mosquito Patrol’s ongoing seasonal packages will give you a mosquito free yard to enjoy all summer long. One call destroys them all. NJ Mosquito Patrol Efficient. Effective. Environmentally Friendly. Guaranteed!

NJ Mosquito Patrol Has a Satisfaction Guarantee. We pledged to you that our Barrier Spray will effectively reduce or completely eliminate Mosquitos and Ticks in your yard for up to 14 days or we refund for the cost of the last spray or we will re-spray your yard for free.

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